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Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening

Best teeth whiteningAre you suffering from stained teeth? Do you have dental cavities that need filling or fillings that you would like replaced with a natural looking color. Do you have missing teeth that you are embarrassed about. These are just of the few areas that cosmetic dentistry address.

Many people suffer from discolored teeth and this can occur from having coffee or smoking tabaccoo  with are the main 2 things that most affect the color of your teeth. Discolored teeth look unattractive and can be a cause for self consciousness. Many people try and get their teeth to be white again with different products that you can get for the internet but often they do not work very well. It is best to let your dental specialist do this for you as this is one of the things that they do best.

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

The amount of people that have dental cavities is rather alarming which has given rise to the need the dental industry develop filling materials to suit what people desire to have. Dental fillers are needed to stop further decay and to protect the nerve in root of your tooth from being affected.   There are 4 main   that are widely used in cosmetic dentistry. Glass ionomer is widely used these days as it works well and is clear in color.  Gold fillings or an option some people choose. It is more expensive than other filling materials and it usually lasts are 10 to 15yrs.

Porcelain fillings are a very popular choice for most people are it is a natural white color and is cost effective and looks good. Another option is silver amalgam which is mixture of materials but is not as good an option as Porcelain. You can read more about the  on the dental fillings page of the website.

Affordable Dental Implants

Dental Implants

As people get older the ones youth and beauty starts to fade. This is a unfortunate fact of life and little can be done to make a real difference to the appearance of ones face. There are various creams and lotions that promise all sorts of solutions for wrinkles and skin that is starting to sag. The reality is that only a face lift can effectively tighten the skin on the face and make it look as though you have turned back the clock 5 to 10 years.

This is a common procedure for older people who desire to reduce the visible signs of aging. The procedure only takes a few hours and the healing time is quite quick.  If you are thinking about dental inplants than you should visit our Parramatta dental clinic and speak to one of our professionals.

What Are Dental Cavities

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are the result of a general lack of dental care which leads to dental decay. Most people have dental cavities but with a little amount of prevention you can easily protect against getting any. If you are eating a diet high in sugar than you will likely experience dental decay and develop gum problems and cavities. Dental cavities are not fun when you get them as they can be wuite painful and start to effect the nerve in your teeth and if left unchecked could lead to a root canal treatment.  You can read more about dental cavities here



Overview of Dental Cavities?

Cavities are also known as tooth decay or dental caries. These are caused due to the destruction of tooth enamel. There are different varieties of cavities. The most common type among them is coronal cavities which affect the chewing teeth. This disease is a serious problem which cannot be taken light. This can also lead to other major illness. Dental Cavities are not just caused by food, but there are many other factors that help in their production. Human lifestyle and oral hygiene regimen and some other dental products lead to the growth of Dental Cavities. There are many reasons, which lead to tooth decay like consumption of food which mainly of sweets and carbohydrates. Regular smoking, heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages, improper attention toward dental care and use of unsuitable toothbrushes are the main causes of cavities.

Attack of cavities on teeth:

When a cavity deepens into the tooth, it produces increased sensitivity to foods that are cold, hot, or sweet. A cavity on front tooth can be easily seen by a person. All cavities cannot be detected easily because they cannot be seen outside and they develop underneath the surface of the tooth. Only the dentist can confirm their presence during a regular check-up. If a dental cavity is ignored for a long time, symptoms like toothache and bad breath can be seen. Some cavities can only be detected by using X-rays and other dental equipment.

Expert suggestion in reducing cavities:

The only way to address this problem is to set an appointment with the dentist. The problem can be resolved by removing the part that is decayed by drilling and replacing it with a tooth filling. The materials like amalgam, composite, glass ionomers and porcelain are used for tooth filling, which are safe for using. However, when a tooth has some repair, the nerve gets aggravated and as such whenever a dental filling is done, it does not work as strong as natural tooth enamel. It is better to treat dental problems before they occur. Sometimes this cavity infects majority of the tooth surface and the tooth has to be removed. These removed teeth can be restored with dental implants or bridges.

Avoiding cavities:

Steps to be followed in removal of cavities:

Proper brushing in the nights can reduce the cavities. Usage of mouth wash solutions after the regular meal can reduce the attack of cavities. The fluoride used in the mouth wash makes the enamel more resistant to cavities and can be directly applied to teeth through doctor suggested fluoride toothpastes, supplements, medicated dental treatments and varnishes, and fluoridated water. Usage of neem related products are very hygienic to the teeth in reducing the cavity effects.